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Dr. Gregory Staley

Gregory Staley is the Director of Honors Humanities and a Professor of Classics. As a scholar, his research focuses on the Roman poet and philosopher Seneca and on the influence of the Classical Greek and Roman worlds on American culture. He is the author of Seneca and the Idea of Tragedy, published by Oxford University Press in 2010, editor of American Women and Classical Myths, published by Baylor University Press in 2008, and the author of scholarly articles and chapters on topics such as “Making Oedipus Roman,” “T. S. Eliot’s Seneca,” and “Rip Van Winkle’s Odyssey.” In 1999 he won an award for Excellence in Teaching from the American Philological Association, the national organization of professors of Classics. He has served as a Lilly Fellow and been elected to the Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of Maryland. He earned his A.B. in Latin at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, where he received the Filler Prize in Classics. He was a Proctor Fellow at Princeton University, receiving there both his M.A. and Ph.D. in Classics. He did postgraduate work in 1983-84 as a Rome Prize Fellow at the American Academy in Rome. Professor Staley teaches Honors Humanities 105, “Fearless Ideas in the Humanities."

Dr. Yvonne Slosarski
Interim Associate Director

Yvonne Slosarski is the Interim Associate Director of Honors Humanities, and she teaches HHUM106: “Arts & Humanities in Practice.” Yvonne’s research focuses on rhetoric and social change, with an emphasis on economic justice. Her dissertation, entitled “Freedom from the Market: Rhetorical Disruptions of Neoliberal Capitalism,” examines communicative strategies that challenge free market ideology (or, neoliberalism) in a U.S. context. Yvonne has been awarded two teaching distinctions at the University of Maryland. She has taught multiple classes focused on public speaking, critical thinking, argumentation, gender studies, and discourse analysis. Teaching these classes has shown her that a humanities education provides indispensable training for people to participate in and actively shape the worlds in which they live.

Sabrina González
Graduate Assistant

Sabrina González is a PhD student in the Department of History. She graduated from Universidad Nacional de La Matanza, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a BA in social communication. Interested in education and social movements from her experience as an activist and teacher, Sabrina came to the University of Maryland to work towards a PhD in Latin American History. Her research focuses on education and childhood in Argentina in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In Argentina, she has taught multiple classes at public universities, high schools, and alternative schools for adults. As an advocate for community building and collective action among graduate students in the Humanities, she has joined the Latin American Studies Center Writing Group, the reading group “Hoy: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Present,” and the History Graduate Student Association.

Jordan Sly
Affiliate Librarian
McKeldin Library
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Jordan Sly serves as the Honors Humanities dedicated librarian. As the library’s Outreach Librarian, it is Jordandevelopsand fostersmeaningful and beneficial relationships between the library and the diverse and varied University of Maryland communitiesincluding academic departments, Living/Learning communities, multicultural student associations, and many more.

Our Students

Student Profile: Humans of Honors Humanities

#humansofhohum “I’ve always loved art and drawing, but more recently I have been drawn to a more impressionist and less realistic method of painting. I have synesthesia, which is a condition where I perceive and associate colors where they do not actually exist. Synesthesia manifests itself in different people in a huge spectrum, but for me it is mostly associated with people and specifically the emotions they evoke in me. Recently, I have been translating the colors I “feel” into my artwork. In my portraits specifically, I’ve been using a lot more color and coordinating them with my feelings when I paint, rather than trying to perfectly capture a specific image or likeness.” -Nina Roche, Marketing major

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Admission Profile: Incoming Class, Fall 2018

Alumni Profile: Graduate & Professional School Placements

Student Council

Monica “Momo” Gillispie

Monica “Momo” Gillispie is majoring in Classics and Psychology. She hopes to be a psychologist. In addition to being on the Honors Humanities Student Council, she also participates in the university’s Classics Club. She is an Aikido student at the New Life Ryu Dojo and a former trumpet player. You will always find her either with friends, reading, writing, or watching something pertaining marvel or DC comics. You will also always see her with some form of chocolate. She is excited about broadening her horizons while in HoHum and at UMD, and she is always ready to have a conversation about comics, books, shows, movies, mythology, music, food, etc.

Tristan Henkel

Tristan Henkel is a Family Science and Spanish major from Howard County, MD. She plans to earn a double degree and eventually go on to law school to become a family lawyer. In addition to being on the Honors Humanities Student Council, she works as a tutor with the Petey Greene Program to help incarcerated students earn their GEDs, as well as serving as treasurer. She also works as a peer helper in her county’s summer school program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Tristan’s hobbies include occupying the Anne Arundel basement with her friends, reading, Twitter, thinking about how much she loves Honors Humanities, and trying her hardest to stay woke.

Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes is an undecided major. In addition to being on Honors Humanities Student Council, he is a member of UMD Club Swimming and a regular attendee at Catholic Mass on campus. In his free time, he enjoys critiquing French cinema, compiling pop culture references, and sampling cheese-flavored snacks.

Mary Murdock

Mary Murdock is an English major from Carroll County, Maryland. Outside of Honors Humanities Council, her favorite activities include theatre, singing in UMD's vocal ensembles, and interning at the Writing Center. In her free time, she loves reading, knitting, baking, watching movies, and spending quality time with her wonderful HoHum family.

Philippos Sourvinos

Philippos Sourvinos is a Public Policy and Theatre Double Major in the Honors Humanities Program. Hailing from Silver Spring, Maryland, he is involved in faculty led choirs, Public Policy Ambassadors, the Greek Heritage Society, and the Orientation Advisors summer program. Before he began at the University of Maryland, Philippos was very involved in the musical theatre community- a passion he continues to pursue throughout his time here at UMD. His interests include sustainability, literature, dogs, and talking about how awesome the Honors Humanities program is.