Program at a Glance

Fall Spring
Year 1 HHUM105 (3 credits) HHUM106 (3 credits)
Year 2 HHUM205 (3 credits) HHUM206 (1 credit)

In addition to these courses, described in more detail below, you need to complete two, three-credit experiences selected from any of the following options:

You can combine elements of these three options, but you must complete a total of two such experiences. Although we encourage you to complete these courses during your first two years on campus, you may take up to four years to do so. Moreover, if you study abroad as a sophomore, you can return to complete our sequence of courses during your junior or senior year.

Year 1

Our courses explore the nature and functions of the humanities by celebrating their pleasures, by putting their ideas into action, and by confronting the big questions, both past and present, which they have helped us to ponder. Through our curriculum you will also begin to develop your own ideas about how to contribute to the field through your Keystone project.

HHUM105: Fearless Ideas in the Humanities (3 credits)

What are the humanities? We begin by exploring their history, their forms and their many functions. The humanities originated as a product of humanism, the fearless idea that humans are creative innovators. From this concept emerged democracy, innovation, philanthropy, individualism and much more. We explore these concepts across time and through literature, art, philosophy and music.

HHUM106: The Muses in Washington (3 credits)

We move from page to stage as we explore the lively arts, both on campus, at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, and in Washington, DC. For most of their history the humanities have been experienced not silently as we think or read alone, but out loud as they are performed as plays and music for the community. Together, we will attend such performances, as well as poetry readings and museum exhibits, and examine the power of the arts as lived experience.

Year 2

In the second year, students learn the global application and current relevance of the humanities, and are able to practice the humanities through completion of a keystone project. In addition to a seminar in the fall, students will participate in workshops to gain feedback on their keystone project along with their peers.

HHUM205: Seminar on Contemporary Humanities (3 credits)

The Humanities offer a series of dynamic approaches to real-world issues. In this course we examine what the humanities have to say about contemporary issues such as globalization, human rights, newer forms of engagement such as social media and video games, and the effects of technology on individuals and society. This course illustrates the relevance of the humanities to the contemporary world by examining ethical, social, and moral problems that challenge us today and by asking how the humanities can help us to understand and address these challenges.
Syllabus - Dr. Satelmajer
Syllabus - Dr. Schotland

HHUM206: Research Seminar (1 credit)

This one-credit seminar is designed to support your work as you complete the Keystone Project on which you have been working for the previous three semesters.

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